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because incoming mail is happiness!

Graz, pt.2

I actually forgot to add this to my previous post, but now I figured it was lengthy enough so I’ll just write a second post on the same topic. It’s … Nastavi čitati

Prosinac 16, 2015 · Napišite komentar

Graz, Austria

I can almost call it “my annual December trip to Graz”, considering how this is the third year in a row that I was visiting the city, haha! It’s not … Nastavi čitati

Prosinac 16, 2015 · Napišite komentar

Novigrad, Croatia

Recently I’ve been getting more and more Croatian postcards. Quite cool, honestly, as it’s mostly smaller places that I’ve never been to, even though they’re part of my country. Today, … Nastavi čitati

Listopad 24, 2015 · Napišite komentar

New Orleans, USA

As my time off from work is coming to its end, I figured I should probably at least try to do something productive. At least something more productive than crocheting … Nastavi čitati

Listopad 8, 2015 · 2 komentara

Lopud, Croatia

A friend of mine, Marija, visited the island of Lopud during the summer and she was kind enough to bring me this lovely postcard back. Lopud is a small island, … Nastavi čitati

Rujan 29, 2015 · Napišite komentar

Plitvice lakes, Croatia

Just a quick post showing the beautiful Plitvice lakes. :) I got a chance to visit it yesterday, after several years of planning and failing to do so – and … Nastavi čitati

Rujan 28, 2015 · Napišite komentar

A different kind of post.

Today I don’t have a particular postcard I would like to share (okay, honestly, I have several, but I’m just too lazy for that right now). Instead, I was trying … Nastavi čitati

Rujan 6, 2015 · Napišite komentar

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