UK & Lithuania

This first postcard is coming from Wolverhampton, UK, from my pal Anu. Quite a cool card, I love the roof of the house in the picture. Also, that tower in the back? Awesome.

The second postcard is coming from Ugne, also a pal of mine from Lithuania. I like the colours in this postcard! :D

Wolverhampton, UK

My dear pal Anu sent me this postcard, showing the St Peter’s Church, in Wolverhampton.

Btw. one of the stamps from the postcard was (is) missing. :( I love the stamps Anu uses, so it’s sad that it peeled off somewhere in the transport. Or maybe someone else liked it as well and simply decided to keep it. Either way, :( .

UK + The Netherlands + Finland

I should’ve updated this blog a long time ago. :-/

So, I got this postcard from my pal Anu a while ago.

It’s showing the Wightwick Manor on the outskirts of Wolverhampton. I Googled it and this is what it says: “A late Victorian manor house, built in the Old English style by local industrialist Theodore Mander, Wightwick Manor is perhaps the best surviving example of a home furnished under the influence of the Arts & Crafts movement. The rich interiors feature many original wallpapers, fabrics and furnishings by William Morris, artwork by Rossetti and Burne-Jones, glass by Charles Kempe and ceramics by William de Morgan. The house sits in seven hectares (seventeen acres) of attractive Arts & Crafts gardens, designed by Thomas Mawson, which are Grade II listed in their own right.”


So, the next postcard is an official from The Netherlands (NL-384290), showing old local clothing.


The last one is an official from Finland (FI-849397) and I was so happy when I found it in my mailbox. It’s been one of my favorites for quite a while and I really appreciate Petra’s effort to look at my favorites section and to actually send me one!