Russia (RU-1491749)

So check out this postcard that I received yesterday!


It’s from Russia (aren’t they all lately? ;) ). Quite a cute picture, I must say. And, isn’t that the bridge in St. Petersburg in the picture?! I think it is!


St. Petersburg, Russia

This is the official Postcrossing postcard (RU-1183336) that came from St. Petersburg, Russia. A really nice night view of the Palace Bridge, the spire of the Admirality and the dome of St Isaac’s. Cute stamps, too. I haven’t scanned them, but they are showing a rabbit, and a deer. :D

St. Petersburg, Russia (RU-487813)

I have several postcards with the similar view of The Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg, Russia so I’ve written informations on it before… This time I just wanted to share this awesome view. I LOVE the colors in the sky. Love love love!!! <3


Russia & USA

I really really like the colors on this official postcard from Russia!! It shows the Kriukov Canal and the St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral of the Epiphany, in St. Petersburg.


The second official postcard yesterday came from the USA and it is a print of a Hong Kong Comic called “Children’s Paradise”, from 1953.