Graz, pt.2

I actually forgot to add this to my previous post, but now I figured it was lengthy enough so I’ll just write a second post on the same topic. It’s not really postcard related, but I still think it’s funny & interesting.

Living in Zagreb, which is very well known for it’s “coffee culture” (that’s what I heard Americans & Canadians call it), I must admit Croatian people are NOT very creative on their café signs and advertisements. I don’t know whether it’s the lack of interest, lack of ideas or just plain laziness, but I don’t remember ever seeing anything more creative than “coffee 2 go… or 2 stay”. #sadface #whywhywhy
In Graz, on the other hand, I saw so many cute little signs in front of cafés and I just had to take pictures of (most of) them! I’m sharing them here & don’t mind a typo in one of them, haha! I’m sure they were doing their best! :D

I’ve had my new FB profile photo taken with this one. I swear it knows my soul. <3



I think they meant to say “2 to 3 bottLes” :)
Yes! Yes! Yes! Hug your brain! <3


I haven’t had a chance to share these three postcards before, so I figured I’d do it now. I have them in my collection for about a year or so and they still make me giggle every time!

These are actually one of those free, advertisement cards for – if it’s not obvious – Barilla pasta. And I love them!!! I only managed to get 2-3 of each – I kept one set for my own collection, I have given one set to a friend of mine and I believe I have one set hidden somewhere, just waiting for that perfect person to send them to. I was always a little hesitant to send them through official Postcrossing, even to those people saying they want food related postcards – simply because I know a lot of people dislike ad-cards. #ButTheseAreAwesome

But anyway, aren’t they cute? :D


“I love London” swap – UPDATED

I haven’t done a swap with someone new in…. months!! And then a while ago I was browsing the Postcrossing forum and noticed someone offered a few of those “I love London” postcards. I thought they were so adorable and – obviously – I wanted one! So we arranged to do a swap! And it arrived in the mail yesterday, straight from Hong Kong! :)

SlikaThank you, Cherie! I love this postcard! :)

PS – This postcard made me think… I want a pen pal from London! Or a postcard pal. A pal of any kind. From London! :D

EDIT: Yet another from the “I <3 London” postcards showed up in my mailbox! I didn’t even know there will be two! Not that I mind, they are just adorable!


What came from Lithuania…

My pal Ugne sent me these two lovely postcards – they arrived just before Christmas! :) Lately we’ve been having major issues with our mail – even with completely correct addresses, our mail was disappearing! I don’t know if it was just bad luck or a gang of tiny evil postcard snatchers… but I’m happy something got through and hopefully we won’t be having any more troubles.

Anyway, here are the postcards – the black and white one, and a lovely Christmas card!




This is an adorable postcard that my pal Anu sent to me. It’s just so cute! When I buy postcards, I usually go for those “typical” ones – with nice photo of the city or something like that. I would probably never even notice this postcard standing somewhere. Or if I did notice it, I probably wouldn’t buy it. But now that I have it in my hands, I can’t stop looking at it! It’s so adorable!!! Thank you Anu! :)

USA, Finland & UK

I’m doing one of those 3-in-1 posts today. :)

This is an official PC postcard (US-1457247) I received two days ago, coming from Ohio. The bird in the picture is a Red Tailed Hawk, one of Ohio’s native birds.


The second postcard is an official PC card (FI-1286855) coming from Tampere, the third biggest city in Finland.


Last, but not least – a postcard from my lovely pal Anu! It’s one of my favorites – it’s just that sweet! :)