Today I finally got my scanner to do what it’s supposed to do – to scan. It’s ridiculous when something refuses to work and you can’t figure out what is wrong. Anyway, little poking around, re-installing the whole thing five times, trying to use magic on it (…) and now it’s finally working properly. Yay!

But now I’m way behind on my received postcards update here. There is so much to show!!! I’m going to start with just a tiny bit today – postcards from Slovenia I got a few days ago!

These first two are showing Terme Čatež, a nice resort with pools and spa and what not. It’s located not far from Slovenian/Croatian border. I’ve never been there myself – I’m not much of a pool/swimming/water type of person. Yuck. I did pass it by and it looks really beautiful!


And this last one shows Pohorje, a mountain range in northern Slovenia. Made of metamorphic rock, it is geologically part of the Central Eastern Alps, though due to its location south of the Drava River it is commonly regarded as a Southern Limestone Alps range. It was brought to me by a friend who hikes and who went there for a hike.

Slovenian Christmas card

This is a nice Christmas card I received from a Slovenian user bianca through Postcrossing. The first time I receive anything Slovenian through Postcrossing, btw.  And knowing how much I like Slovenia… of course I’m happy! She could have sent me an empty piece of paper instead of a card, I’d still be happy. :)

The picture on the card is an illustration by Jelka Reichman, one of the most known children’s book illustrators in Slovenia.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I went on a short trip to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, with a few of my friends and brought back these two postcards for my collection. I really like the pictures on this postcards, I could stare at them all day!

This is quite an awesome view of the Dragon Bridge, and I think those roofs in the background are the cathedral.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

I visited Ljubljana yesterday with some of my friends – and for the first time I didn’t go crazy buying tons of postcards! Yay for me and my self-control! :) I only got these two for my collection:

This one is showing the view over city center. I saw it on Postcrossing and was secretly hoping to get it that way, but buying it myself is just as good. :)

I just love this one. It’s showing one of four dragon statues on the Dragon Bridge. HERE is a link if you want to read more! :)

Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled is a glacial lake in the Julian Alps, in the northwestern Slovenia. The area is a popular tourist destination.


Bled Castle is the castle built on top of a 130 meter cliff overlooking lake Bled. The castle was first mentioned in 1004, which makes it one of the oldest in Slovenia. For more into, CLICK HERE!