Summer in Lapland

Don’t let the patch of snow up on the hill confuse you – the printed description on the back of this postcard does indeed say “summertime in Lapland”! *that awkward moment when the shivers go down your back*


I’m just insanely glad that the weather here in Croatia is getting warmer by the day and that the ridiculous non-stop rain finally stopped. Our spring rarely has any snow (maybe in the high mountain areas, but not here in the city) and there’s no snow what so ever during the summertime. Considering how I could live in some it’s-sunny-and-warm-here-356-days-of-the-year kind of place…. it’s great. ;)

Anyway, I don’t really know much about the postcard other than it’s Finnish and shows nature in Lapland. Lapland is the largest and the northernmost region of Finland. According to the WikiTravel web page, the temperatures in Lapland can plunge down to -50°C/-58°F during the winter and the sun isn’t seen for days during what is known as the polar night. On the other hand, summertime brings what is known as Midnight Sun and temperatures can rise up to 30°C/86°F – although usually they’re somewhere between 10°C/50°F and 20°C/68°F.

Also worth mentioning is that Lapland is considered to be home to Joulupukki or Finnish Santa Claus. And the area is known for its beautiful aurora borealis aka polar light during the wintertime. On my wishlist of things to see with my own eyes for sure, except temperatures of -50°C freak me out, just as the possibility of freezing to death does. :)

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, the capital of Finland. I won’t ramble too much about what the postcard shows simply because this is not the first Helsinki card on this blog. It’s a pretty card though. Also, the sender – Janina – has a really cool handwriting! I love cool handwritings! :)

Finnish national ice-hockey team card

So. Interesting thing happened. I have received this postcard from Finland a few days ago. It’s showing their national ice hockey team, who won the world championship in 2011.

I’m a big ice hockey fan so this is almost a perfect postcard to send my way. I liked it a lot right away. I also find it cool that the sender is apparently also a hockey fan. Still, when I sent a thank you note on Postcrossing while registering the card, I kept rambling about.. football. Soccer, if you’re an American. O_o

It only occured to me now and I honestly have no clue what brought me to not even mention ice hockey (you know… kind of what this postcard is all about) and ramble on and on how I know Finland has a good football team and how our football team could do better. Sometimes I wonder if my brain is there just to fill an empty space inside my head. :triple facepalm:

Anyway. Aside from feeling rather embarassed… I really enjoyed this postcard. Really. :)

Angry Birds from Finland (FI-1410347)

I absolutely, absolutely love this postcard!!! :D

I’m not a fan of the Angry Birds game – for whatever reason, it annoys me like nothing else in this world, but I really like the Angry Bird characters. They are just too cute!

And the stamp on this postcard? Angry Bird again! Finland and Sweden are hosting the World Championship in ice hockey this year (actually, this month – starting tomorrow) and Angry Bird is their mascot. How cute is that? :D

USA, Finland & UK

I’m doing one of those 3-in-1 posts today. :)

This is an official PC postcard (US-1457247) I received two days ago, coming from Ohio. The bird in the picture is a Red Tailed Hawk, one of Ohio’s native birds.


The second postcard is an official PC card (FI-1286855) coming from Tampere, the third biggest city in Finland.


Last, but not least – a postcard from my lovely pal Anu! It’s one of my favorites – it’s just that sweet! :)

Helsinki, Finland

This is a  postcard sent to me by my dear pal Anu. She was spending some time in Finland and she sent me this lovely postcard showing Helsinki Market Square, I believe. It’s called Kauppatori in Finnish. It’s a central square in Helsinki, and one of the most famous market places and tourist attractions in the city.

Also, this postcard has one of the coolest postmarks I’ve ever seen!!! Now that I’ve seen this, I’m very much disappointed with how Croatian postmarks are boring. Round, with a city name and a date. Blah. :(

Thanks Anu! :)