Maxicard from Australia


I got this postcard as the official Postcrossing card just a few days ago, all the way from Australia. I swear to you, I was a 100% sure it was my first maxicard ever – I even asked a friend of mine, “It has a stamp on the front side… Do these have a name?” #awkward

Since then I learned that:
a) This definitely ISN’T my first maxicard – I find three more in my collection, all coming from Australia. (Now, of course, I’m curious why Aussies like sending them so much. I’ve heard the postage rates in Australia are rather high so I’m curious whether this type of cards is more affordable – you get a cute postcard with postage already paid – but I honestly have no clue about the price of these things so I can’t tell.)

b) There is an entire post on the Postcrossing blog dedicated to maxicards (CLICK HERE!) and their history and all the interesting facts… and I have never seen it before. Better late then never, I know. ;)

c) I swear, I have no clue if Croatia even has these maxicards available. XD

Professor Balthazar <3

Some time last year I noticed these Professor Balthazar postcards around town and – of course – it was love at first sight.

Professor Balthazar is a Croatian cartoon dating back to the late 1960’s and it’s about the professor Balthazar & his inventions. I remember back when I was a kid, it was one of those cartoons I was looking forward to watching on TV.

Here’s a bit more about it:
And here’s a link to one of the episodes on YouTube (I even managed to find the one in English :D )

I’m so happy about these postcards, I love to send them to people! :D

On a totally unrelated topic, have you noticed the new Instagram layout on your PC? So simple! So awesome! I love it! <3

“I love London” swap – UPDATED

I haven’t done a swap with someone new in…. months!! And then a while ago I was browsing the Postcrossing forum and noticed someone offered a few of those “I love London” postcards. I thought they were so adorable and – obviously – I wanted one! So we arranged to do a swap! And it arrived in the mail yesterday, straight from Hong Kong! :)

SlikaThank you, Cherie! I love this postcard! :)

PS – This postcard made me think… I want a pen pal from London! Or a postcard pal. A pal of any kind. From London! :D

EDIT: Yet another from the “I <3 London” postcards showed up in my mailbox! I didn’t even know there will be two! Not that I mind, they are just adorable!


Canada’s cool!

You know how much I like Canada, right?! Anything Canadian (but especially maple syrup). That’s why I’m always happy when I make a new pen pal/postcard pal from (guess!) – Canada! That’s where my new pal Beatrice comes in this story. The newest one of my postcard pals. :) And here’s a postcard I got from her yesterday – straight from my favorites! <3

SlikaI can’t stop laughing!! I know I usually have a weird sense of humor, but… this card is hilarious! :)

Thank you, Beatrice! As usual, my card for you will be on its way in no time! ;)

Russia & Taiwan

So, official Postcrossing time.

This first postcard came from Russia, and it’s a cute illustration of The Round Tower in Vyborg.


The second postcard came from Taiwan and is showing Sun Moon Lake. It’s the largest body of water in Taiwan as well as a tourist attraction. Situated in Yuchi, Nantou, the area around the Sun Moon Lake is home to the Thao tribe, one of aboriginal tribes in Taiwan.  Sun Moon Lake surrounds a tiny island called Lalu. The east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence the name.


If you have some time, check out the photos of the lake on Google. It looks so beautiful!!

Slovenian Christmas card

This is a nice Christmas card I received from a Slovenian user bianca through Postcrossing. The first time I receive anything Slovenian through Postcrossing, btw.  And knowing how much I like Slovenia… of course I’m happy! She could have sent me an empty piece of paper instead of a card, I’d still be happy. :)

The picture on the card is an illustration by Jelka Reichman, one of the most known children’s book illustrators in Slovenia.