Russia (RU-1491749)

So check out this postcard that I received yesterday!


It’s from Russia (aren’t they all lately? ;) ). Quite a cute picture, I must say. And, isn’t that the bridge in St. Petersburg in the picture?! I think it is!


2 thoughts on “Russia (RU-1491749)

  1. Now, THAT is a cute Russian card! I have nothing, at all, against Russian cards. I just don’t recall seeing any with a “cutesy” theme to them, if that makes any sense. The whales stamp is fantastic! I like that nice, clear postmark, too.

    1. True! Most of the cards from Russia that I got so far were either completely touristy or looked… well, like they were made years and years and years ago. Not that I mind either of those – I don’t, I’ve just never encountered a cute Russian postcard like this one. :)
      And yes, the stamp is great!! :D


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