Chicago, USA

I love postcards from Chicago, the city always looks so pretty in these pictures. Here are some of my Chicago postcards that I got through trades. :)

This one is showing Chicago skyline. Btw. check out the lake. Where are the waves?!?!?!?! :-/

Chicago skyline again, except this time in the sunset light! :) According to Kristin who sent me this postcard, the lights far in the distance is – Indiana. :P

This postcard is, again, Chicago skyline, wiht the view of Navy Pier. So pretty! <3


Chicago, IL

These are two postcard I received from my postcard pal Heather.

The first one is showing Navy Pier and I really love the picture here. Navy Pier is Chicago’s lakefront playground. It is considered the Midwest’s #1 tourist and leisure destination, attracting more than 8,6 million visitors a year.


This second postcard shows American Bar Association (left) from 1987., and Marina City (far right) from 1964.