Milano, Italy

One more thing for today…

My friend Ana spent a week in Milano, Italy and brought these two postcards back for my collection. They are showing Il Duomo, or if you prefer in English – the cathedral.



And then there is this special little postcard!!


I’m a big fan of AC Milan since my teen years. Forza Milan, Rossoneri, all that. Even after Gattuso left the team. :) So this postcard made me really happy! I’m still surprised that it survived the trip back to Zagreb without “accidentally” getting torn into pieces or “accidentally” bursting in flames. :) (As you may guess, my friend is not a fan of that team, ha ha.)

Venezia, Italy

I brought back way too many postcards a person could ever need from my trip to Venice. [If you’re interested in actual photos from the trip, click here!] My dear pals, be happy, you’re getting some of those! :)

Here are the ones I decided to keep for my personal collection! :)

scan0002 scan0003


scan0005 scan0006

Oooooh, how amazing is this photo uploader here that simply does whatever it wants and just disregards what I tell it to do……..

Latvia, USA & green rubber duck :)

This AWESOME postcard came from Italy and made me smile! :) I love postcards with rubber ducks, and this is one of the coolest!


Riga is the capital city of Latvia, and it seems like a lovely city – with that nice old feel to it. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m just judging it from postcards, I’ve never been there.


This is an official from the USA – New Jersey actually. It’s not showing anything in New Jersey though. The note on the back said, “St. Charles Avenue from the Wedding Cake House, New Orleans”.  Seems like a cool place.

summer swap with Petra :)

Not long ago I did a swap with Petra from Germany, and she suggested we do another – bigger – swap with postcards from our trips and vacations this summer. Recently her postcards reached me and they are awesome!!

This one is showing Tuscany (or in Italian: Toscana), which is a region in Italy, known for its gorgeous landscapes, its rich artistic legacy and its vast influence on high culture. Tuscany is widely regarded as the true birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.


Zeelandic Flanders (Dutch: Zeeuws-Vlaanderen) is the southernmost region of the province of Zeeland in south-western Netherlands. It lies south of the Western Scheldt that separates the region from the remainder of Zeeland to the north. Zeelandic Flanders is bordered to the south by Belgium.


Bruges is the capital and largest city of the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It is located in the northwest of the country. The historic city centre is a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO.


Dinkelsbühl is a historic city in Bavaria, Germany and a former Free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire. Now it belongs to the district of Ansbach, north of Aalen.


Rosengarten is a massif in the Dolomites of northern Italy. It is located between the Tiersertal and Eggental in South Tyrol and the Fascia Valley in Trentino.

One peculiarity of the Rosengarten is the pink shade which, due to the presence of dolomite mineral, it takes in the sunset, celebrated in the Bozner Bergsteigerlied as “glowing”. Meaning “Rose garden” in German, the name refers to the legend of King Laurin and his Rose Garden, a traditional story explaining the outer appearance of the mountain range.


I loved doing this swap, it was cool to collect nice postcards from my own short trips and choosing the ones I’d send to Petra. :) Hopefully we can repeat the swap one day!


Hello hello!

So… about a week ago my friend Ana got back from Padova (Padua?? What’s it called in English?! /= ) in Italy and she brought back this lovely postcard for my collection! Yay!

My mom went on a short trip with my dad and they drove through the town called Vrbovsko, here in Croatia – and she managed to find one (and only one, haha) postcard, so yay for that too!

And then this morning this is what I found in my mailbox!

This is an official Postcrossing postcard from Australia, showing Diagonal-banded Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus lineatus) that lives around Grat Barrier Reef. Seriously, look at those lips!! :) :)

And, I got this amazing Sydney postcard through a trade. I love it!!

…and now I gotta go study. Yuck. :(


Hello hello!!

Just a quick update. Here are the cards I got in the last few days. Not many, but I kind of <3 them! :)

This is the first postcard showing an airplane I’ve ever received. It’s funny though, cause I really do like airplanes! :) So, according to the card description, this one is showing Fokker F28 Mk3000. I guess that’s right. I don’t really tell them apart, I just like looking at them. :)

This is one of the coolest postcards in my collection, I must admit that. I really like the whole orange sky / black shadow thing. It’s from Rome, showing Basilica di San Pietro. Really cool card!

This is another Postcrossing official, from Halifax, Canada. There is actually a funny story about how I pulled this postcard out of my mailbox. :) I got the postcard, swooned over the picture for a while, and then read what’s written on its back. And I figured it’s from Halifax. And it was signed by someone named Steven. Which wouldn’t be weird at all, except my friend and I have this tiny gnome toy that we named Steven (!/pages/Steven-the-Garden-Gnome-3/125086073444?ref=ts <– feel free to become a fan and follow his adventures!) and our little gnome spent some time at my friend’s place at Halifax. So at first I kind of thought Steven the gnome sent me a card. (yeah, I know the toy can’t send postcards… but you know what I mean, haha) Well, it made me LOL.

A postcard from Katowice, Poland. I like this touristy type of postcards. :blush:

Last but not least, a postcard from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I like the colors and the view here. But then again, remember I’m a total sucker for any kind of  USA postcards. :)

Italy, Portugal & USA

I’ve been kind of too lazy to upload the postcards I got this week. But here they are, finally. :)


This is a postcard from Rome, Italy. I love the colors on it!


A multiview from Portugal. One of my favorite cards ever received. I LOVE the picture in the lower left corner. :)


Last but not least, a postcard of Breezewood, Pennsylvania. I love how there are McDonald’s, Subway and Taco Bell in this picture, ha ha ha. :) :)