Ukraine & Brazil

Guess what? Here’s another postcard from Kiew, Ukraine!! It arrived two days ago! :)


The second postcard that arrived that same day came from Brazil. Happy looking postcard, although I have no clue what it says. I think it’s a poem about flowers… but what do I know. :)


Ukraine and USA

This is the postcard from Kiew, Ukraine, showing the St. Sophia Cathedral.

I’ve been receiving quite a lot of postcards from Ukraine lately. Especially from Kiew. Surprisingly, no doubles so far. :D

The second postcard is coming from Utah, USA. It’s showing Bridal Veil Falls. They are one of Utah’s most recognizable landmarks. The double cataracat waterfalls drop 601 feet (183 meters) and meet the Provo River below.

Ms. Linda (the sender) made an interesting comment on this postcard, saying that almost every region of the USA has at least one waterfall called “Bridal Veil”, some larger areas maybe even more than one with that name. Haha, that’s what I call “lack of ideas”. :)

Kiew, Ukraine

An official Postcrossing card from Kiew, the capital of Ukraine. The picture shows the Monastery golden domes, according to the short description on the back of the postcard. The poem in the front is by an Ukrainian poet Rylskiy, but unfortunately I don’t know what it means.


Kiew, Ukraine

An official from Kiew, Ukraine. It shows “House with chimeras” and the building of Ukraine’s President Administration, according to the description on the back.


Ukraine & Dallas

Hi there!

So this is what I’ve got. One from Kiew, Ukraine.

…and another one from Dallas, Texas. I love the night view on this one!