Flowers in the UK

My dear pal Anu sent me this adorable postcard. Considering how bad the weather is here and how it’s cloudy all the time (autumn, yuck) – it’s nice to see flowers and a little bit of sunshine, even if only on a postcard. I’m putting this one on my wall (the actual wall, not Facebook ;) ) and counting the days until spring.



Springtime in Michigan, USA

This wonderful postcard found its way to my mailbox a few days ago. :)

It was sent by O’Neal, who took time and actually looked into my long, long “Favorites” list on Postcrossing web site.  Thank you O’Neal, the postcard is amazing! It will definitely keep spring on my mind during the cold weather! :)

I would post a scan of all the wonderful stamps as well… but my scanner is acting out and refuses to scan. Oh joy. :-(
Thanks once again! :)

Buddha from Thailand & a flower card

First of all, I’ve received this awesome Buddha postcard from my pal from Thailand. It’s been a while since I’ve last heard from her and was a bit curious what’s wrong, but today I found this in my mailbox.

Usually I’m not much of a fan of postcards of statues and things like that, but this one is actually really cool and I really like it. It also makes me want to do some joga, for whatever reason. :)


The second postcard is coming from my friend Thea, who sent it along some other stuff a few days ago. Again, not much of a fan of these painting-meets-flowers type of postcard, but (again) surprisingly I like this one. Something weird is in the air. Maybe it’s spring. ;)