Here’s the second part of postcards by Janelle. I figured I’ll skip the whole long “descriptions and whatever” thing, write down the basic what-is-what and just let you enjoy the postcards. :)

1. Stanley Park totems, Brockton Point, Vancouver, Canada – The totem pole is unique to the BC Northwest Coast First Nations. Each pole tells a story, either real or mythical, and is carved from Western Red Cedar. In the 1920’s the Vancouver Parks Board started buying totems to put in Stanley Park to represent the vast influence of First Nations in the park and in British Columbia. They were originally located at Lumberman’s Arch and in the early 1960’s the pole were moved to their present location near Brockton Point. More HERE!


2. Maligne Canyon, Jasper National Park, Alberta – the longest and deepest limestone canyon in the Canadian Rockies. More HERE!


3. Jasper, Canada. More about the city of Jasper, HERE!


4. The Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano Bridge. The current bridge is 140 meters long and 70 meteres above the river. It draws more tha 800,000 visitors each year. More about the bridge, HERE!


5. False Creek / Granville Island, Vancouver.

scan0009That’s it! Thank you, Janelle, for the wonderful postcards! I’m still very, very jealous of your trip, haha! :)

Florida, USA

This is a long overdue post about a whole bunch of postcards my pal Janelle sent me from her journey through the USA & Canada. I’m going to make two separate posts, to be honest, with postcards from Florida in one & postcards from Canada in another… mainly because I’m slightly OCD and it’s easier for me to keep track this way. ::insert smiley face::
So here they are, her Florida postcards! <3

First one is a lovely Florida map card. I’m not a real map card collector like a lot of people I stumbled upon through Postcrossing are, but I do love to see a nice map card! And this one is lovely!


The second card is showing Miami Beach, “looking north along Collilns Avenue towards the Fontainebleau Hotel.”  I love how blue the sea looks & the idea of living in such a sunny, warm environment is rather appealing. And so close to the beach, wow! I’m not sure about the hurricanes, though. ;)


Last one is a postcard of Orlando – such a beautiful postcard!


Wonderful postcards! <3 Thank you, Janelle!

Johannesburg, South Africa

This update is sooooooo overdue…. I have a pile of postcards that I would like to upload to my blog and I just don’t have the time or energy to deal with it. After the laser surgery on my eyes I was so sensitive to bright lights and the light of the computer screen, this  is actually one of the first times in the past two weeks that I’m actually sitting down in front of the computer – and not just running by it. :)

Anyway…. Back to the original point, which is this wonderful postcard from Johannesburg, South Africa. This is the first postcard from South Africa I have ever received through the official Postcrossing! That’s also the fourth postcard from South Africa in my collection. I quite like it! :)


postcard pals <3

I think postcard pals are my new found love, haha. I really love having them, and I really love getting to know some place through a series of postcards from them. :)

So, what was in the mail today….

One card from Anu, my PC pal from the UK. As you can read on the front of the postcard, it shows Birmingham Canals and a Waterbus. Wow, waterbus. I wonder why nobody thought of it here. :) Plus, I like the stamps. Especially the one that looks like a record cover?!

A card from Karen, my Canadian postcard pal, showing “autumn colors of Northern Ontario”. I like the yellow trees & blue sky combination. And I really like the ice hockey player stamp from Winter Olympics series. Can’t go wrong with that one, haha.

Last but not least, a Hannover postcard. Cute, love night views. It’s actually from my newest postcard pal Amy. :)

So thank you girls very very much! :) Hugs!