“I love London” swap – UPDATED

I haven’t done a swap with someone new in…. months!! And then a while ago I was browsing the Postcrossing forum and noticed someone offered a few of those “I love London” postcards. I thought they were so adorable and – obviously – I wanted one! So we arranged to do a swap! And it arrived in the mail yesterday, straight from Hong Kong! :)

SlikaThank you, Cherie! I love this postcard! :)

PS – This postcard made me think… I want a pen pal from London! Or a postcard pal. A pal of any kind. From London! :D

EDIT: Yet another from the “I <3 London” postcards showed up in my mailbox! I didn’t even know there will be two! Not that I mind, they are just adorable!



Canada flag


I got this awesome Canada flag postcard from my pal Heather. It’s such an awesome thing (coincidence??) because just a few days before this postcard arrived, I was browsing through Postcrossing gallery and added a postcard like that to my favorites. Yes yes, I know, I’m a sucker for… well, anything Canadian. :)

Btw. look at this awesome stamp!!! scan0008

Thanks Heather! :)