Auckland, New Zealand (NZ-86199)

This wonderful postcard arrived a few days ago – from New Zealand! Really nice sunset photo!

Based on the printed description on the postcard’s back, the island in the picture is Rangitoto Island, near Auckland. It is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf. It’s the most recent and the largest of the approximate 50 volcanos of the Auckland volcanic field. [Thank you, Wikipedia! XD]



These two lovely postcards came from my friend/pal Janelle. She picked them up last year when she visited Australia. She also mailed them to me last year after her trip, but I was lazy and forgot to upload them. :)

The first postcard is showing Sydney Harbour.


The second postcard is from Albany, Auckland. It’s one of the fastest growing areas in greater Auckland. Nice looking place! And I noticed Burger King in one of the pictures, ha ha! :)


Thank you Janelle! :)

USA, New Zealand & Australia

I’ve been so lazy lately, I haven’t made an update here in so long. Or should I say, “I’ve been so busy lately writing my thesis”… but why lie. :D Here are some of the postcards I got.

Sacramento, USA – I like interesting night views! This postcard is showing the Tower Bridge, which is one of Sacramento’s landmarks. It was comopleted in 1935 and spans the Sacramento River. The Bridge’s towers are over 160 feet high.


The second postcard is from Brisbane, Australia. My pal Janelle went there and she sent me this postcard. It’s a nice multiview showing different locations / views of the city. I like it a lot.


All of the following postcards are also from Janelle. :) This one is showing Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland, NZ.


And the last one, showing One Tree Hill, New Zealand. It’s an extinct volcanic hill, sount of Auckland City. [btw. One Tree Hill, you know the US  series?? I used to watch it all the time… not so much anymore.]

New Zealand

Today I got these two lovely postcards from my pen pal Janelle from New Zealand.

This postcard is showing “View of views” – Mt. Tasman and Mt.Cook from Lake Matheson, Westland. Such an amazing view!!!


The second postcard is from Western Springs in Auckland, which is a park with plenty of birds. It is very close to downtown Auckland, and adjacent to the zoo. The black and blue bird (bottom left) is the Pukeko, a semi-national bird, and (according to Janelle :) ) – also kind of a pest! :)

Auckland, New Zealand

I got this beautiful panorama postcard from my pal Janelle.

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. It’s also called “City of Sails” because it has the largest number of sailing boats per capita. The city lies on the Waitemata Harbour. The Sky Tower is New Zealand’s tallest building at 328 meters.