Atlanta & Memphis, USA

Once again, these postcards were not scanned, but photographed instead – sorry for them being blurry. My printer/scanner keeps fighting my laptop & refuses to work properly. Please cope with the blurriness for a little bit longer! :)

Anyway, today I’m sharing two lovely postcards sent by O’Neal. Lovely postcards, both of them!
First is from Atlanta, Georgia. More info on the city – HERE.  And now, please look at the view. I’m not a glitter-fan in any normal situation, but doesn’t the glittery sky just fit the image here??? I kind of love it!


The second one is from Memphis, Tennessee. The postcard caption says “Azalea time”, and after a little snooping around on the internet, I think azaleas grow throughout the city & look pretty fabulous when in bloom. :)


Also, look at the wonderful stamps! I love all the stamps O’Neal uses on his postcards. I only wish Croatia had so many to choose from!

IMAG5486-vert IMAG5488

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have: a) a letter to write, b) a beanie to crochet and c) sleep to sleep. :D

Frankfurt, Germany (DE-1899103)


This is a lovely postcard from Frankfurt, Germany that arrived a few days ago. Basically it’s showing the Frankfurt skyline. Pretty nice, isn’t it?! Also, a picture taken on a nice sunny day… a lot nicer than what I can see through my window. :)

Thanks Cori :)

Yesterday I got this awesome package from my friend Cori. Apart from the awesome “Happy Bunny” things, she hand-decorated & filled a notebook with different little facts about her, what she’s into, put many many photos in it… and in a little pocket inside I discovered a stack of postcards. So here they are:

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – A frosty skyline captures Edmonton’s winter beauty.


Edmonton – The city skyline and the North Saskatchewan River are bathed in the silver light of early morning.


Fort Edmonton Park – where visitors can explore the city’s development from a trading post to a booming metropolitan centre.


Edmonton – the downtown skyline at night


Edmonton – An aerial view of the Legislative Building.


West Edmonton Mall – one of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment centres. Edmonton’s downtown core lines in the distance, with the University of Alberta campus on the right.


World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall – the world’s largest indoor waterpark.


West Edmonton Mall – replica of the Santa Maria.


Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies.


Banff National Park – Mraine Lake.


Bow Valley, Banff National park


A view of Mt. Assiniboine.


Night lights of Kelowna, B.C.


“Rhapsody” by sculptor Dow Reid, Kelowna, B.C.


From the exhibit “Body Worlds”. This is such a cool (although kind of creepy) postcard, ha ha.


Canada map card. I’m normally not dying when I see a map card, but this one is actually really cool. I love the little drawings of planes, buildings, horses etc.


Moose (alces alces). :) Can be found in North Canada.