Grossglockner, Austria

After my dad retired, my parents moved away from the city and into a small(ish) house in the village some 40 kilometres from Zagreb. In one of the rooms there, they found a pile of postcards that were left over by the previous owners. Most of them from range from the 50’s to the 80’s of the 20th century. Some were actually written and sent, with interesting stamps and handwritings, but some were blank. I’m definitely keeping some for my personal collection, but I’m not really sure what to do with the rest – even though they’re well kept, not wrinkly and just slighty yellow on the edges from laying around all that time… but they do have that old smell to them and it stops me from sending them out as “vintage”. I kind of think vintage is more about the style of the postcard, and less about the smell, haha!

Anyway, this is one of the postcards I found in that pile:


It’s showing the Grossglockner (or just Glockner, according to the Internet), the highest mountain of Austria and the highest in the Alps east of Brenner Pass. Austria’s most extended glacier, Pasterze, apparently lays on the Grossglockner’s eastern slope.

The highest peak of Grossglockner lays at 3,798 metres (12,461 ft) above the sea level.

The reason why I’m sharing this postcard today is – although it was not sent via mail and there’s nothing written on the back of the postcard, someone actually went up to the mountain and stamped it while being there!


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kind of a sucker for those hikers’ stamps!
You’d never guess if you knew how, even when I do go hiking and see one of those stamps, I usually don’t have that inky-pad-thing… or if I’m lucky to see there is the ink thing already on/next to the stamp, I usually realize I don’t have a single piece of paper anywhere in my pockets or backpack. Then I just stamp my own hand, because well why not.

Atlanta & Memphis, USA

Once again, these postcards were not scanned, but photographed instead – sorry for them being blurry. My printer/scanner keeps fighting my laptop & refuses to work properly. Please cope with the blurriness for a little bit longer! :)

Anyway, today I’m sharing two lovely postcards sent by O’Neal. Lovely postcards, both of them!
First is from Atlanta, Georgia. More info on the city – HERE.  And now, please look at the view. I’m not a glitter-fan in any normal situation, but doesn’t the glittery sky just fit the image here??? I kind of love it!


The second one is from Memphis, Tennessee. The postcard caption says “Azalea time”, and after a little snooping around on the internet, I think azaleas grow throughout the city & look pretty fabulous when in bloom. :)


Also, look at the wonderful stamps! I love all the stamps O’Neal uses on his postcards. I only wish Croatia had so many to choose from!

IMAG5486-vert IMAG5488

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have: a) a letter to write, b) a beanie to crochet and c) sleep to sleep. :D

Australia really is a big country!


This awesome postcard came from my newest postcard pal, Kathryn, all the way from Australia. Literally from the other side of the planet. :) She mentioned that this postcard is one of her favorites, and I can clearly see why! How colorful it is, and how interesting! I mean, if you’re a bit nerdy like me – you can see why I find it so interesting to see how you can fit all those different countries into Australia! :)

Thanks Kathryn, I’m looking forward to see more of Australia through your postcards! :)

Angry Birds from Finland (FI-1410347)

I absolutely, absolutely love this postcard!!! :D

I’m not a fan of the Angry Birds game – for whatever reason, it annoys me like nothing else in this world, but I really like the Angry Bird characters. They are just too cute!

And the stamp on this postcard? Angry Bird again! Finland and Sweden are hosting the World Championship in ice hockey this year (actually, this month – starting tomorrow) and Angry Bird is their mascot. How cute is that? :D


This is a postcard that came from my pal Hilarie. I love the view and colors! :) It’s showing Great Falls of the Potomac, in Maryland. The back of the postcard says. “The waters of the Potomac hurdle down 77 feet in a half-mile, providing a perfect natural beauty stop just 15 miles from Washington. Great Falls Park, opearted by the National Park Service, offers fishing, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing and picnicking.”


The second card is showing St. Louis, Missouri, and it came from O’Neal.

Such a beautiful view, I can’t stop looking at it. O’Neal says that the prettiest views of the St. Louis skyline are actually from Illinois, across the Mississippi River and that was a bit surprising to me. Mainly cause I had no clue they were that close. :)

O’Neal also sent me this AWESOME New Jersey Devils decal. Did I say it’s awesome?? Just to make sure I did – it’s awesome! ;) Thank you so much! I wish I can stick it on my forehead and parade around like that, that’s how much I like it.

Great stamps too, I must say. They make me wish Croatia had a better variety of stamps.

surprise from Pittsburgh :)

Guess what came in the mail a few days ago?? This!!


It’s a beautiful sunset postcard from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My first thought was “Zachary Quinto!!!”, but no – it’s not a card from ZQ. xD It was sent to me by Katie, who is a friend of my blog pal Miriam.  :) And two more The Simpsons stamps!! I love the one with Homer! :)

All in all, it was a lovely surprise! Thank you Katie, and thank you Miriam! :)

Blackpool, UK

My new postcard pal Anu sent me a lovely Blackpool postcard. I love how it looks!!! And the stamp is cool. I always thought British people have ugly stamps or only the ones showing the Queen… I know, silly idea, but still – if I didn’t think that, I wouldn’t be so pleasantly surprised by the stamp on today’s postcard! :)


The back of the postcards says the following: “The eye-dazzling illuminations have made Blackpool the envy of every seaside resort in the country. Part of Blackpool’s tradition, the illuminations stay ahead by tapping the newest technology, such as the latest in fibre-optics and low voltage neaon. The public are encouraged to Beat-the-Peek-and-Come-Midweek.”