Chicago, USA

Ooooh, the Windy City… <3 it!!

This postcard comes from my newest postcard pal, Heather. I just LOVE this postcard, I don’t know what else to say. :) And I love her handwriting. Seriously. It’s awesome!! :D

Minsk, Belarus

This is a pretty postcard from Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. It is showing Trinity suburb from the Svislach river side. I love the color. And the shape of the postcard as well – I love those panorama, longer kind of postcards! :D

Blue Ridge

These two postcards were a trade with Amy from Facebook Postcrossing group (btw. love that thing haha). I found them in my mailbox today and whoa, aren’t they awesome!? :)

This one shows the Linn Cove Viaduct. It goes around the mountain which is really cool – no tunnels and things like that, no digging holes through mountains… :)

This is a sunset over the Blue Ridge Parkway. Look at the fog /clouds in the valley down there! So pretty!! :)

Thank you Amy!!! :)


Hello hello!!

Just a quick update. Here are the cards I got in the last few days. Not many, but I kind of <3 them! :)

This is the first postcard showing an airplane I’ve ever received. It’s funny though, cause I really do like airplanes! :) So, according to the card description, this one is showing Fokker F28 Mk3000. I guess that’s right. I don’t really tell them apart, I just like looking at them. :)

This is one of the coolest postcards in my collection, I must admit that. I really like the whole orange sky / black shadow thing. It’s from Rome, showing Basilica di San Pietro. Really cool card!

This is another Postcrossing official, from Halifax, Canada. There is actually a funny story about how I pulled this postcard out of my mailbox. :) I got the postcard, swooned over the picture for a while, and then read what’s written on its back. And I figured it’s from Halifax. And it was signed by someone named Steven. Which wouldn’t be weird at all, except my friend and I have this tiny gnome toy that we named Steven (!/pages/Steven-the-Garden-Gnome-3/125086073444?ref=ts <– feel free to become a fan and follow his adventures!) and our little gnome spent some time at my friend’s place at Halifax. So at first I kind of thought Steven the gnome sent me a card. (yeah, I know the toy can’t send postcards… but you know what I mean, haha) Well, it made me LOL.

A postcard from Katowice, Poland. I like this touristy type of postcards. :blush:

Last but not least, a postcard from Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I like the colors and the view here. But then again, remember I’m a total sucker for any kind of  USA postcards. :)