Russia (RU-1491749)

So check out this postcard that I received yesterday!


It’s from Russia (aren’t they all lately? ;) ). Quite a cute picture, I must say. And, isn’t that the bridge in St. Petersburg in the picture?! I think it is!

Wroclaw, Poland (PL-641751)

I got this lovely postcard yesterday, from a couple of Postcrossers named Weronika & Marek who live in Poland.


Such a cute postcard, isn’t?! What was even nicer, they wrote a lovely message on the back saying that they visit Croatia every year and love every minute they spend here. Isn’t that nice? :)

cute postcard from Russia

So okay, I kind of think this specific kind of postcard is well-known and all that (especially since I’ve heard a lot of people call it by its original name, “kotovasiya”). nd I googled it as well and there are a lot of links and pictures etc. But I’ve never heard it before. ::shrugs:: I saw an offer for some of those cards on Postcrossing forum, thought this specific card is REALLY cute and here it is now.

I’m still quite clueless about the origin and meaning of the card. Feel free to fill me in if you know more. :)