Hot air balloons from Germany

Receiving a lovely postcard like this one from Germany reminds me why I enjoy(ed) Postcrossing so much!


It’s one of the postcards sold by the web site – and I honestly had no clue they had any type of postcards other than those Greetings from… collection. Any day I learn something new is a good day! I’ve been looking through their web site for the last hour and I can pretty much say I WANT THEM ALL. I’m not going to order any because I have way too many blank postcards already and, well, my self control is great… and so on. ;)

Also, stamps! The bunny one is just awesome!

balloon stamps


Oooh nuts!

I got these two awesome postcards in the mail yesterday! They were a trade with BrandiMR through PC forum.


I’ve been eye-ing these Canadian squirrel postcards for months, hoping that I might spot someone offering them for a trade. So I was really happy to see this one! It’s just so freakin’ adorable! Look at the puffy cheeks on this squirrel! It looks just like me when I spot chocolate chip cookies! :)


The second one is a classic – Bunny Suicides. I L.O.V.E. Bunny Suicides stuff – whether it’s comics in a bookstore, postcards or something else. I do get kind of mixed feelings though – cause they’re just so unbelievably hilarious… but look at the poor bunny! I wonder why it’s so eager to die, ha ha!