I just want to share these two postcards today. They have been in my collection for a while, but I’ve never posted them here on the blog before.

Don’t they give you a major wanderlust?

I actually got a whole batch of similar postcards ages ago – from eBay, I think, or some place like that. Most of them are stored in a box with the rest of the postcards I have to send out, but I rarely actually use them on Postcrossing. Mostly because the back side is not really the one you see on a typical postcard (although you can easily work around it and fit the address and the note and everything), but mostly because I prefer sending out actual postcards of Zagreb and/or Croatia on Postcrossing – unless someone specifically say they don’t mind postcards like these.

As for me, I quite enjoy them, to be honest. Sometimes I write my little notes & memories on the back of postcards like these – they are definitely a better choice than a plain post-it paper, haha!

On a different and completely postcard/mail unrelated note – I had a dream last night that I spoke to a Scottish person & I was telling them how I was from Croatia “and Croatia is in Balkans. And we have rakija. (<— CLICK HERE!) Do you know what rakija is, do you? Croatians are bred to handle their alcohol.” I don’t even like rakija, so I don’t know what to think of this one, haha!