Iowa, USA

This is one of my favorite postcards ever received, showing the typical Iowa sunset.

The windmill is a very common sight in Iowa, said Laura who sent me this postcard. Iowa is also called “The Tall Corn State” or/and “The Hawkeye State”, and it’s not as flat as people commonly think. :)


The Netherlands

After a long, long time I did a few trades through Postcrossing forum. I was really excited about these postcards cause I wasn’t sure what they would look like… and now that they’re here, I’m really happy to add some sweet cards from The Netherlands to my collection.


These three are from Amsterdam. I REALLY like the one with bikes! The next two are showing the traditional Dutch windmills. :)

New Zealand, UK, The Netherlands

I’m kind of behind with posting stuff here. Busy times… Luckily there’s not much to show.

First, I got this cool postcard from Auckland, New Zealand. It was sent to me by my postcard pal Janelle. I think it’s my 2nd card from New Zealand ever. :)

Then I did a swap through Postcrossing forum and got this cool postcard of Harlech Castle. I like the color of the sky here! What I don’t like is that hidious white line in the middle. I hate those sorting machines that made scraps like that. Hate them! But alright, the postcard is cool and I like it, that’s all that matters.

And just this morning I found this awesome postcard in my mailbox. It’s from my newest postcard pal Chantal. I kind of have a soft spot for windmills. I think I have at least ten postcards with windmills in my favorites on Postcrossing site, haha. :)

Postcrossing has been funny lately. I have exactly 4 expired cards (all of them to China or Taiwan) and 4 cards that are traveling way too long. ::annoyed:: I want some more mail…..