What came from Lithuania…

My pal Ugne sent me these two lovely postcards – they arrived just before Christmas! :) Lately we’ve been having major issues with our mail – even with completely correct addresses, our mail was disappearing! I don’t know if it was just bad luck or a gang of tiny evil postcard snatchers… but I’m happy something got through and hopefully we won’t be having any more troubles.

Anyway, here are the postcards – the black and white one, and a lovely Christmas card!





Today I finally got my scanner to do what it’s supposed to do – to scan. It’s ridiculous when something refuses to work and you can’t figure out what is wrong. Anyway, little poking around, re-installing the whole thing five times, trying to use magic on it (…) and now it’s finally working properly. Yay!

But now I’m way behind on my received postcards update here. There is so much to show!!! I’m going to start with just a tiny bit today – postcards from Slovenia I got a few days ago!

These first two are showing Terme Čatež, a nice resort with pools and spa and what not. It’s located not far from Slovenian/Croatian border. I’ve never been there myself – I’m not much of a pool/swimming/water type of person. Yuck. I did pass it by and it looks really beautiful!


And this last one shows Pohorje, a mountain range in northern Slovenia. Made of metamorphic rock, it is geologically part of the Central Eastern Alps, though due to its location south of the Drava River it is commonly regarded as a Southern Limestone Alps range. It was brought to me by a friend who hikes and who went there for a hike.

Windsor, Canada

This is a beautiful postcard I’ve received through a trade with Willa from Postcrossing forum. It shows the Peace Fountain in Conventry Gardens on Windsor’s riverfront. It is the largest of its kind in North America, says Willa, and it symolizes the peaceful relationship between Canada and the US.  The skyline you see in the background? That’s Detroit, USA.

By the way, isn’t it cool to think that you can stand right there and… wave to someone in a different country? Hahaha, well, they should have a great eye sight, but still – the idea is funny!! :D ::nerd::


Yesterday I found this lovely postcard in my mailbox. :) It’s from my postcard pal Katie, and I must say I really like this postcard! That tiny printed description on the back says “A tranquil summer morning in Lake Hope State Park, located in Vinton County, Ohio“, so yay – now we know that too! But I really like the postcard! :) Thanks Katie!

postcard pals <3

I think postcard pals are my new found love, haha. I really love having them, and I really love getting to know some place through a series of postcards from them. :)

So, what was in the mail today….

One card from Anu, my PC pal from the UK. As you can read on the front of the postcard, it shows Birmingham Canals and a Waterbus. Wow, waterbus. I wonder why nobody thought of it here. :) Plus, I like the stamps. Especially the one that looks like a record cover?!

A card from Karen, my Canadian postcard pal, showing “autumn colors of Northern Ontario”. I like the yellow trees & blue sky combination. And I really like the ice hockey player stamp from Winter Olympics series. Can’t go wrong with that one, haha.

Last but not least, a Hannover postcard. Cute, love night views. It’s actually from my newest postcard pal Amy. :)

So thank you girls very very much! :) Hugs!