A different kind of post.

Today I don’t have a particular postcard I would like to share (okay, honestly, I have several, but I’m just too lazy for that right now). Instead, I was trying to sort out a pile of postcard that I just put away on a shelf. I have most of my postcards sorted by country and I keep them in large boxes under my desk. Very easy to go through! Also, a big chunk of my postcards is displayed on my bedroom wall which is pretty cool to look at (at least it is for me).

How do you store your postcards? I’m always curious to read other people’s ideas on that. :)

IMAG5647 IMG_20150905_163137 IMG_20150905_163306

Other than that, it’s Sunday and I’m just roamind around the apartment in my pajamas (12:30 PM, just sayin’ ;)), drinking my coffee, flipping through the new Ikea catalogue and doing some crocheting. I love lazy days like this one. I’m also very much looking forward to some days off from work at the end of this month. I’m counting days. :)


What came from Lithuania…

My pal Ugne sent me these two lovely postcards – they arrived just before Christmas! :) Lately we’ve been having major issues with our mail – even with completely correct addresses, our mail was disappearing! I don’t know if it was just bad luck or a gang of tiny evil postcard snatchers… but I’m happy something got through and hopefully we won’t be having any more troubles.

Anyway, here are the postcards – the black and white one, and a lovely Christmas card!