Vilnius, Lithuania

After a while, I remembered to update this blog. So something to begin with – a lovely postcard of Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s showing the Cathedral Square.

Thank you Ugne, you always send beautiful postcards! :)

PS – Notice the puffy clouds again! :)


Vilnius, Lithuania

So today I found this awesome postcard in my mailbox, from my pal Ugne. It’s from Vilnius, Lithuania. It’s one of those awesome folded kind of postcards with the panoramic view on the inside. (the kind I cannot find here in Zagreb, haha)

Anyway, here’s the front side:

And here is what you see when you open it once:

And this is what you see when it’s fully opened. I had to take a photo of it (sorry for the low quality) because it didn’t fit into my scanner.

It’s really, really awesome!!! You know what else is awesome? Those fluffy clouds in the photos! <3