These two lovely postcards came from my friend/pal Janelle. She picked them up last year when she visited Australia. She also mailed them to me last year after her trip, but I was lazy and forgot to upload them. :)

The first postcard is showing Sydney Harbour.


The second postcard is from Albany, Auckland. It’s one of the fastest growing areas in greater Auckland. Nice looking place! And I noticed Burger King in one of the pictures, ha ha! :)


Thank you Janelle! :)



Hello hello!

So… about a week ago my friend Ana got back from Padova (Padua?? What’s it called in English?! /= ) in Italy and she brought back this lovely postcard for my collection! Yay!

My mom went on a short trip with my dad and they drove through the town called Vrbovsko, here in Croatia – and she managed to find one (and only one, haha) postcard, so yay for that too!

And then this morning this is what I found in my mailbox!

This is an official Postcrossing postcard from Australia, showing Diagonal-banded Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus lineatus) that lives around Grat Barrier Reef. Seriously, look at those lips!! :) :)

And, I got this amazing Sydney postcard through a trade. I love it!!

…and now I gotta go study. Yuck. :(