Springtime in Michigan, USA

This wonderful postcard found its way to my mailbox a few days ago. :)

It was sent by O’Neal, who took time and actually looked into my long, long “Favorites” list on Postcrossing web site.  Thank you O’Neal, the postcard is amazing! It will definitely keep spring on my mind during the cold weather! :)

I would post a scan of all the wonderful stamps as well… but my scanner is acting out and refuses to scan. Oh joy. :-(
Thanks once again! :)


New York City, USA

Another postcard coming from O’Neal – this one is showing New York City. Most of the postcards from New York that I’ve seen have only one specific thing on them – some famous building or park or the Statue of Liberty – so this is a nice change. The city looks huge!!! And you can’t even see all of it here! O.o

A postcard from Hell

So this is the coolest postcard in a long, long time – coming from Hell. Yes, Hell. A small town located in Michigan, USA. :D That’s probably the coolest name for a town I’ve ever heard. O’Neal, who sent me this lovely postcard, was sweet enough to go through the extra trouble of getting it actually sent out from Hell, so the postcard has awesome post marks and – as you can see – it’s even burnt a little bit at its bottom! Thank you, O’Neal! :)

Reno, Nevada, USA

This is a really cool postcard from O’Neal that also came with today’s mail. It’s showing Reno, a city in Nevada – or (as the sign in the picture says) “the biggest little city in the world”. I was curious to find out why it’s called that way, and the explanation I found on Google is: “Because it is.” Hmm, good one.

Later on I continued searching and basically it comes out to this: really popular among tourists (not so much foreign ones, but many American tourists go there), loads of casinos and hotels and touristy stuff and pretty much anything you might need. As I’ve read somewhere, it became a city motto through time.

Anyhow. I really like this postcard, it’s quite a nice picture! And check out the stamps! No postmark again, haha. :)

Thank you O’Neal for this cool postcard!

Arizona (US-1347126)

This is one of the postcards I’ve had in my favorites for quite a while, and it was a great surprise to find it in my mailbox!

That is such a funny picture!!! The saguaro cactus on this photo apparently weighed 10,000 pounds! Haha, I have a tiny little cactus in my room – it’s about 2 inches tall and so tiny – it couldn’t crush anything!

And the stamps on this postcard, oooh my! <3 I’m a huge child at heart so they made me smile, especially the one with Wall-E!

Mt. Rushmore, USA

Sweet O’Neal sent me another postcard, and this time it’s from Mount Rushmore. When I e-mailed him that it had arrived, I commented how, when I was a child, I was sure it was a made up place. Well… I’m happy my IQ grew with time. :P

He also added the rubber stamp of Mt. Rushmore and some really cool stamps! Every time I see stamps from the USA, I get so jealous how they have such interesting stamps and Croatian stamps seem to be crappy. Hmm….

Thanks O’Neal!!! :)

Stiperstones, UK

This really nice postcard showing Stiperstones came from my pal Anu.

The Stiperstones is a very distinctive hill in the county of Shropshire, England. It is a quartzite ridge formed some 480 million years ago. During the last ice age the summit stood out above the glaciers and was subject to constant freezing and thawing which shattered the quartzite into a mass of jumbled scree surrounding several residual rocky tors. At 536 metres above sea level it is the second highest hill in the county, surpassed only by Brown Clee Hill (546 m). Stiperstones’ five-mile (8 km) long summit ridge is crowned by several rugged, jagged outcrops of rock silouetted against the sky.

I almost forgot, she put the awesomest stamp on this postcard, the one with Lord Voldemort!!!! <3