Two officials from Finland :)

I got these two officials from Finland. Btw. I have to say that I LOVE Finnish funny shaped stamps!! :D


Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

After a while, it’s time to update! :) I got home from my vacation and found a pile of postcards waiting for me on my pillow. Yay! :D

This one was sent to me from my friend Marcela who went on her vacation to a town called Novi Vinodolski, on the coast of Adriatic Sea here in Croatia.

I’ve never been there. Just passed by. Hmm….


I don’t have that many postcards from Malaysia, but this one is definitely my favorite.

Doesn’t the sea here just make you want to run and dip in?!?! :)

[edit: I just noticed this postcard is 9 years old. NINE YEARS!!! Wow. That’s a lot. :D ]

mix from all over

I got these awesome postcards through another trade a while ago, and I really really like them!

The first postcard is showing Egg Rock Light in the Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. It was established in 1875, and was was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Egg Rock Light Station on January 21, 1988.

The second postcard is showing Kristiansan.  It’s a city, municipality and the county capital of Vest-Agder county in  Southern Norway. Kristiansand municipality is the 6th largest in Norway. It was a cool postcard to receive cause I only have one other from Norway! :)

The third postcard I got is from Southern California, which is well known for its great waves and beautiful sceneries.

The last, but not least, is a postcard showing Audley Castle, Northern Ireland. It’s one of the best-preserved tower houses in the area,.

a little bit of everywhere :)

I must admit I’ve been kind of lazy and didn’t post anything lately. So, here’s in short…

This is a postcard showing Novosibirsk State Academy of Water Transport. I received it from my new pal Olga. :) It’s a big postcard, almost double the size of the usual ones. But that’s cool, I don’t mind. :)


This is a postcard I received from my pal Katie. She was on a cruise with her family and was sweet enough to think of me!


This is a panoramic view of downtown Vancouver. I LOVE the picture here!!! I got it from my old pen pal Martina. :)

Rab, Croatia

So, I spent a week on the island Rab at the end of July and I picked up some postcard while I was there. So here they are. :)

This is a postcard showing a small town Lopar where my hotel was. There were many nice sandy beaches everywhere! :) And the following ones show the biggest town on the island, also called Rab.

And the final postcard I picked up is showing Goli otok – or literally translated: “barren island”. The structures you can see on the pictures are the remains of a prison that was builed on the island. It’s abandoned now and no longer in use.