USA & Lithuania

This first postcard comes from my pal Heather, who visited her family in Michigan over the holidays. This is a cool recipe card, I’ve seen postcards like this before but I think this is the first one I’ve received. No, wait, the second one – I have one with a cookies recipe from the UK from before. :D And the recipe here seems quite interesting. I wonder if you could use chicken, since it doesn’t really specify what kind of meat it has to be. ;)

~ * ~ * ~

This second card comes from my new pal Ugne from Lithuania. Such a cool picture, it’s showing a place called Neringa. It’s actually a municipality in Lithuania,  in the coastal area. Ugne mentioned I should Google “Nida”, which turned out to be a resort town on the Lithuanian coast. Such cool photos, those sandy beaches are amazing! :D

~ * ~ * ~

I should also mention that I got the biggest postcard I’ve ever seen from O’Neal. The postcard is showing San Francisco skyline at night. Really a beautiful postcard, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my scanner so I can’t post a picture here. “Take a photo!”, you say!? I tried, but I’m not happy with how it turns out. Yeah yeah, that’s a photographer in me talking, never happy. :D

Lancaster, UK

Last postcard for today – it’s from my dear pal Anu. The postcard is showint the Crook o’Lune near Lancaster, and Lune Valley villages. The River Lune passes near all these places as it winds its way down from Kirkby Lonsdale to Lancaster. The Crook o’Lune is a popular viewpoint which was painted by JMW Turner.

And, there’s a recipe for Lancashire Nuts on the front side of the postcard. Maybe I’ll try them once! :)