the land of the rising sun

I got the following three cards today. They were sent from a Postcrossing user named Cockie, who actually posted a thread on PC forum asking if people would send sort of like birthday-postcards to her friend. I said I could send one, no problem at all, cause I think it’s such a cute idea to surprise her friend. She asked me to choose some of her Japan cards (3 of them) to send me in return. Not that I’m pretending to be modest or something, but I said I don’t want anything in return, let’s consider my card to her friend be just a random RAS card. She insisted, so I picked two cards. She sent me the third one anyway. That was very very sweet of her, I think I should definitelly remember her address and send her a Croatian card just because she is so nice.

This card shows Mt. Inasayama, and it’s so beautiful. I love the combination of sunset colours and that misty look in the valley.scan0004







This card is showing sunset at Sinnyodo Temple. Now that I look at it, it got scanned poorly, but I think it’s obvious why I love the card.scan0001





And this card is showing Sujin Emperor mausoleum. scan0003






These cards just made me love Japanese postcards even more. :)