Croatia mix

Bunch of postcards that I got from my friends in the last two weeks. :)

Top left is a postcard from a place called Sv. Filip Jakov, a nice multiview postcard sent to me from my friend Nena.

Top right is a postcard showing a place called Zavratnica. It’s a 900 meter long narrow inlet located at the bottom of the Velebit mountain, in the northern part of the Adriatic sea. Regarded as one of the major tourist attractions of the northern coastal area because of its beauty, Zavratnica was designated a protected landscape in 1964. It resembles fjords, although it’s not one itself.

Bottom left is a postcard showing the island Unije. It is part of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, which is situated at the northern portion of the Adriatic Sea. Unije is the third largest island of the archipelago.

Bottom right is a a postcard of town Rab, where I went on my vacation. I really like that view. :)


Rab, Croatia

So, I spent a week on the island Rab at the end of July and I picked up some postcard while I was there. So here they are. :)

This is a postcard showing a small town Lopar where my hotel was. There were many nice sandy beaches everywhere! :) And the following ones show the biggest town on the island, also called Rab.

And the final postcard I picked up is showing Goli otok – or literally translated: “barren island”. The structures you can see on the pictures are the remains of a prison that was builed on the island. It’s abandoned now and no longer in use.