Wolverhampton, UK

My postcard pal Anu sent me this cool postcard of Wolverhampton.

The big picture on the left shows former St. George’s Church – which is now Sainsbury’s supermarket. :) The top right picture shows St. Peter’s Square, and the bottom picture shows Board Street canal basin.


Helsinki, Finland

I got this cute postcard from my pal Anu, from the Postcrossing meetup she attended in Helsinki. I like the postcard, it’s a bit unusual. It shows Suomenlinna Sea Fortress which received the UNESCO world heritage site recognition as a unique example of military architecture in 1991 and receives close to half a million visitors annually.

Earlier today I noticed that Anu wrote about this postcard series on her blog, so you can get a bit more info HERE .

Canada & Indonesia

So, today I got these two pretty postcards. :) One is from Canada, sent by my postcard pal Karen and is showing mountains and gardens surrounding Lake Louise, Canada. What I think is really cool about this postcard is that it’s “an official product under license from the Mounted Police Foundation” and every purchase supports their policing programs. [I copied this from the back of the postcard ;) ]

The second postcard is an official Postcrossing postcard and it came from Indonesia! I’ve never received a postcard from that country before so yay yay yay! :) It is showing Borobudur temple in Central Java, which is apparently the largest Budhist monument in the world. [I did the Wikipedia search on it so if you’re curious CHECK HERE ].  It looks quite impressive!


Yesterday I found this lovely postcard in my mailbox. :) It’s from my postcard pal Katie, and I must say I really like this postcard! That tiny printed description on the back says “A tranquil summer morning in Lake Hope State Park, located in Vinton County, Ohio“, so yay – now we know that too! But I really like the postcard! :) Thanks Katie!

Germany & USA

Well well, these two came in the mail two days ago! :)

First one is from the USA, showing Half Moon Lake, Minnesota. It’s an official Postcrossing card, and from what I could read – the sender, Sara, took the photo herself and got it printed as a postcard. ::likes a lot::

The second one is from my postcard pal Amy, showing different areas of university in Gottingen, Germany. It looks cool!!!

And people, seriously, how do you store your postcards??? I’m in desperate need for some good tips. :)

postcard pals <3

I think postcard pals are my new found love, haha. I really love having them, and I really love getting to know some place through a series of postcards from them. :)

So, what was in the mail today….

One card from Anu, my PC pal from the UK. As you can read on the front of the postcard, it shows Birmingham Canals and a Waterbus. Wow, waterbus. I wonder why nobody thought of it here. :) Plus, I like the stamps. Especially the one that looks like a record cover?!

A card from Karen, my Canadian postcard pal, showing “autumn colors of Northern Ontario”. I like the yellow trees & blue sky combination. And I really like the ice hockey player stamp from Winter Olympics series. Can’t go wrong with that one, haha.

Last but not least, a Hannover postcard. Cute, love night views. It’s actually from my newest postcard pal Amy. :)

So thank you girls very very much! :) Hugs!