Taiwan (TW-282444)

This is a postcard from Taiwan that arrived today. I don’t have that many from Taiwan so it’s alawys a nice surprise to receive one. ;)

It shows the aboriginal tribe dance, the “Pas-ta’ai”, the ritual to the short people. It’s a ritual of the Saisiat people, the aboriginal people of Taiwan. It commemorates a tribe of the “Little Black People” who they say used to live near to them, which some anthropologists believe may have been a tribe of Negritos who may have lived in Taiwan centuries ago, although there are no Negritos in Taiwan today.

The story says that the “Little Black People” wer using magic on Saisiat people, so Saisiats decided to fight back and to destroy the relationship between the two groups. A consequence of that fight was a very poor harvest for Saisiat people, and that is why they have a ceremony to worship the Negritos‘ souls.


Today I got another official PC card from Spain, This town from the region La Rioja. Pretty stamp too, but I didn’t scan it this time.


I’m wondering if my sent / received ratio will even out soon. I actually have I think 55 sent cards and 60 received.  It feels like for each postcard I send, I get 2 or 3 in return. Not that I mind getting extra postcards, but it doesn’t really seem fair. :-/