Barcelona & Paris

My dear pen pal Nina spent a month in Barcelona and has sent me this lovely postcard! I love how the city looks from the air!


And my friend Ana and her sister spent some time in Paris earlier this month and they brought me this:

Yes, it’s a postcard, and yes – it’s huge. Huge enough that it didn’t fit into my scanner so I had to take a photo of it if I wanted to post it here. I LOVE it!!!!!! <3


Münich & Paris

What came in the mail today…. One card from Paris, from my postcard pal Elodie (by the way, that’s the coolest name I’ve heard in a while) – and here’s the card:


Also, a beautiful beautiful Münich card from Miriam, aka aubrieta, who is one of my pals on blogging penpals.


Thank you, thank you! The card is beautiful! :)