Louisiana & Oregon, USA

Isn’t it obvious who sent these beautiful postcards? O’Neal, of course. :)

This first one is showing the bald cypress tree. The little printed description on the card says, “The bald cypress three was made the official state tree of Louisiana in 1963. This tree can be found in many areas of the state, but it prefers swampy areas. Its shape depends on the amount of flooding in the area. It can be columnar, conical or bottle shaped.” Bottle shaped? I wonder what a bottle shaped tree looks like. :)


This second postcard is showing the scenic Oregon coast at sunset. I can see myself getting a towel and spending a day on this beach on a nice sunny day. Yup, I can. :)


Awesome stamps on both postcards, as always. :) Thank you, O’Neal! Your postcards are always very appreciated! :)


Oregon, USA :)

So, today I was really surprised to open my mailbox and find another postcard from lovely Anna, especially after receiving another postcard from her just yesterday. :) This time the postcard is showing a giraffe, from a Wildlife Safari, a 600-acre safari park  in Oregon.  :)

Thanks Anna! :) :)

Portland, Oregon (USA)

A lovely postcard showing Portland, Oregon arrived today as well. This is the first postcard I’ve ever received from Portland, and also the first one from Anna, my new pal! :) Very beautiful postcard. The printed description says “Mt. Hood glows in the autumn sunshine seen from Japanese Garden in Washington Park“. :)