Göteborg, Sweden.

My friend Ana went to Göteborg, Sweden last week and she brought these postcards for my collection. YAY! :)

Oh, and Swedish chocolate? YUM!!! ;)


Bosnia & Herzegovina

I did a swap with Snježana (Snow84 on PC forum) and got her lovely postcards today. They only took two days to arrive, it was so quick! So, here they are:

a) two postcards showing a town called Tuzla

b) a town Mostar – this old bridge is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites

c) Sarajevo – a lovely night view

USA & Lithuania

This first postcard comes from my pal Heather, who visited her family in Michigan over the holidays. This is a cool recipe card, I’ve seen postcards like this before but I think this is the first one I’ve received. No, wait, the second one – I have one with a cookies recipe from the UK from before. :D And the recipe here seems quite interesting. I wonder if you could use chicken, since it doesn’t really specify what kind of meat it has to be. ;)

~ * ~ * ~

This second card comes from my new pal Ugne from Lithuania. Such a cool picture, it’s showing a place called Neringa. It’s actually a municipality in Lithuania,  in the coastal area. Ugne mentioned I should Google “Nida”, which turned out to be a resort town on the Lithuanian coast. Such cool photos, those sandy beaches are amazing! :D

~ * ~ * ~

I should also mention that I got the biggest postcard I’ve ever seen from O’Neal. The postcard is showing San Francisco skyline at night. Really a beautiful postcard, but unfortunately it doesn’t fit in my scanner so I can’t post a picture here. “Take a photo!”, you say!? I tried, but I’m not happy with how it turns out. Yeah yeah, that’s a photographer in me talking, never happy. :D

Gengenbach (Germany) city hall

Another sweet postcard from the lovely Petra, Germany. We already swapped before and finding this postcard in my mailbox was a really nice surprise.

Gengenbach is a town in the district of Ortenau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and a popular tourist destination on the western edge of the Black Forest with about 11,000 inhabitants.

This postcard is showing the town’s city hall, which is decorated as an advent calendar during holidays. As the building has exactly 24 windows on its front side, each window is decorated, and every day from Dec. 1 until Dec. 25 one window is opened. Just like you do it on those children’s advent calendars that hide a little chocolate behind each date… except this is a building and there is no hidden chocolate. :)

It’s a really cool thing, I must say!

USA, New Zealand & Australia

I’ve been so lazy lately, I haven’t made an update here in so long. Or should I say, “I’ve been so busy lately writing my thesis”… but why lie. :D Here are some of the postcards I got.

Sacramento, USA – I like interesting night views! This postcard is showing the Tower Bridge, which is one of Sacramento’s landmarks. It was comopleted in 1935 and spans the Sacramento River. The Bridge’s towers are over 160 feet high.


The second postcard is from Brisbane, Australia. My pal Janelle went there and she sent me this postcard. It’s a nice multiview showing different locations / views of the city. I like it a lot.


All of the following postcards are also from Janelle. :) This one is showing Waitakere Ranges, West Auckland, NZ.


And the last one, showing One Tree Hill, New Zealand. It’s an extinct volcanic hill, sount of Auckland City. [btw. One Tree Hill, you know the US  series?? I used to watch it all the time… not so much anymore.]

Galveston Island, Texas, USA

Last but not least, a beautiful postcard from O’Neal.

It’s showing a cargo ship and pelicans at sunset. Wow, the sun looks huge. :D

Galveston Island is a barrier island on the Texas Gulf coast in the United States, about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Houston. The entire island, with the exception of Jamaica Beach, is within the city limits of the City of Galveston.

The island is about 27 miles (43 kilometers) long and no more than 3 miles (5 kilometers) wide at its widest point. The island is oriented generally northeast-southwest, with the Gulf of Mexico on the east and south, West Bay on the west, and Galveston Bay on the north.

Thanks O’Neal, your postcards make me want to visit every single one of those places. :D And thanks for picking such awesome stamps!!! :D