Australia & Lithuania

This first postcard comes from Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, Australia. Quite a pretty view, I must say! :)

The second card is from my pal Ugne, showing an old mill. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s a photo made to look like a painting, or the actual painting… but I’m not 100% sure. I still like it!


Melbourne, Australia

This postcard was an official through Postcrossing (AU-140239) that came from Bryson, from a city of Melbourne, Australia. It shows a tram that still runs through the city, one of 8 of its kind. They are all dating from 1936-56, and still provide free transportation around central Melbourne.

Such a cool postcard, don’t you think? :)

I kind of love Canada… [and some other stuff]

I was kind of surprised to pull 6 (six!) postcards from my mailbox. Pleasantly surprised, that is. :) This is what I got….

Official Postcrossing card from Quebec. I really dig Canadian postcards. Really. Plus, this one is my first one ever with prepaid postage. I’m surprised how pretty it actually is. Croatian prepaid postcards are for local use only – and are UGLY.


A postcard from Vancouver came from my dear friend / penpal Nina. Thanks N.!


Another Canadian postcard (yep, there were 3 in total… happy happy) came from my postcard pal Karen. She saw it in my favorites in my PC profile and it was really really sweet of her to find that card and send it to me. It shows Mount Rundle near the Bow Valley.  THANK YOU!


The second official Postcrossing card came from the beautiflu Melbourne, Australia. My first official from Australia! Yay!


And the last two came from my friend Thea… she was visiting her friend in another town and sent me these! Btw. the last one is just…. yummy! :) Thanks Hiro… ummm… Thea, that is. *LOL* :)


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