Lopud, Croatia

A friend of mine, Marija, visited the island of Lopud during the summer and she was kind enough to bring me this lovely postcard back.

Lopud is a small island, approximately 4.63 square kilometers (1,79 square miles) in size, located just off the off the coast in the southern Dalmatia. It is the second largest island of the Elaphiti islands, and is mostly known for its beautiful sandy beaches. One of the easiest ways to reach Lopud is by boat, it’s a short boat ride from Dubrovnik.


greetings from…Taiwan & Croatia!


This is the official Postcrossing card from Taiwan! It took me 15 minutes of trying and failing until I figured out the ID *giggles* but now it’s finally registered. Btw. how come people from Asian countries often put stamps on the left side? I tried Googleing this but didn’t really find any useful information. Hmm…


My friend Nena sent me this postcard from her vacation on the island Pašman. I could stare at the sunset in the background for hours.


This card came from an island Lopud near Dubrovnik (also in Croatia) and was sent by my dear friend Ena. :) Thank you!