London calling :)

My friend Petra just got back from London and she gave me this lovely postcard!

Thanks Petra!! :)


London & Canada

Long time no see… :) So, here are some postcards I got in the last few days.

I received this lovely London card from my postcard pal Anu. I love this card, I keep it up on my wall so that I can look at it all the time. :) Thanks Anu!

The second one is from my Canadian pal Karen. She sent me a postcard from Hockey Hall of Fame. Awesome card, I love ice hockey so it was REALLY cool to find this card in my mailbox. Thank you Karen! :)

Oh yeah, by the way… it’s a little late but still: HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

London calling

This is the amazing postcard I got from my new postcard pal Anu! I just adore this card. If I weren’t too afraid it’s gonna get ruined, I’d put this postcard on my wall so that I can stare at it all the time.


I actually think I had this card on my Postcrossing site in “my favorites” section, so it was really cool when I found it in my mailbox. Thanks Anu! :)