Finnish national ice-hockey team card

So. Interesting thing happened. I have received this postcard from Finland a few days ago. It’s showing their national ice hockey team, who won the world championship in 2011.

I’m a big ice hockey fan so this is almost a perfect postcard to send my way. I liked it a lot right away. I also find it cool that the sender is apparently also a hockey fan. Still, when I sent a thank you note on Postcrossing while registering the card, I kept rambling about.. football. Soccer, if you’re an American. O_o

It only occured to me now and I honestly have no clue what brought me to not even mention ice hockey (you know… kind of what this postcard is all about) and ramble on and on how I know Finland has a good football team and how our football team could do better. Sometimes I wonder if my brain is there just to fill an empty space inside my head. :triple facepalm:

Anyway. Aside from feeling rather embarassed… I really enjoyed this postcard. Really. :)