Texas, USA

My dear pal Hilarie sent me this AWESOME postcard after her trip to Texas.

I’ve seen postcards like this before and I always thought they were really cool, but until today I have never received any like that. So YAY for that!!! The back side is also really interesting, with small pictures of horses and cowboys and cattle – but I won’t post it here as it’s fully written. :)


Washington D.C., USA

My dear pal Hilarie sent me this wonderful postcard of  Washington D.C. It’s the first one from that city in my collection. :)

The printed description on the back says: “The National Cherry Blossom Festival, a Washington D.C. tradition, celebrates the new season and showcases the beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry trees that the city of Tokyo gave to the US nation’s capital. The blossoming trees symbolize the arrival of spring and brighten the area surrounding the National Mall and the Tidal Basin with their vibrant pale pink and white flowers.”

Hmmm… makes me think of warmer days. ::wants spring to come::

Virginia, USA

I received these two lovely cards from one of my new postcard pals, Hilarie.

The first postcard shows Alexandria, Virginia. Alexandria is the home to many historic buildings that played a major role in the development of the American nation. The lyceum, City Hall, Christ Church, Alexandria Visitors Center at Ramsay House, and King Street Shops are reminders of the storied past, and can be seen on this postcard.


This second postcard shows the place called Massanutten (if I got it right, haha) and you can go snowtubing there. That seems like a lot of fun, I’ve never done that.