Samsung Touchnote postcard

This is one of those Samsung Touchnote postcard that seem to be everywhere these days. The first one I’ve ever received, also – the only one. I’ve been reading about these on the Postcrossing Forum and on other places online and was quite skeptical… but to be honest, now that I’ve seen one, I don’t mind them at all. Sure there’s no stamp on it and they’re not handwritten, but… it’s actually a really nice postcard!

This one was sent to me by Ugne, my dear pal from Lithuania! :) Ugne, I’m trying to find the postcard to send you, I wanted it to be the same as the one that never reached you, but it looks like I’m going to have to settle for something different. :-/


Poland, Slovakia & Croatia

Three postcards straight from my mailbox!

The first one is from my friend Thea, who sent me this nice green postcard from her area, Jastrebarsko, Croatia. Kind of a nice postcard, makes me think of sunny (and warm) days!

The second postcard comes from Slovakia, from a town called Bardejov. It was a swap with Ivana.  This postcard is showing Bardejov Town Conservation Reserve, one of Slovakia’s UNESCO sites. Bardejov is a small but exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a fortified medieval town, which typifies the urbanisation in this region. Among other remarkable features, it also contains a small Jewish quarter around a fine 18th-century synagogue.

The third postcard comes from Poland, and is showing the main town hall in Gdańsk. Thank you Martyna, I really like thi spostcard! :)

I’m off to see if I have anything to post on my other blog now. It’s always somewhere in the back of my mind… but I so rarely do something there. :-/