officials :)

Two official Postcrossing cards that arrived this morning!

Unfortunatelly I can’t really tell what exactly do the pictures show cause the description is written in German, but still the postcard is pretty to look at. :)


This postcard came from Odessa, a city in Ukraine. Odessa is also the biggest port on the Black Sea. The sender, Anya, said this postcard actually shows the view on Istambul which is right across the sea from Odessa.


Germany & USA

Well well, these two came in the mail two days ago! :)

First one is from the USA, showing Half Moon Lake, Minnesota. It’s an official Postcrossing card, and from what I could read – the sender, Sara, took the photo herself and got it printed as a postcard. ::likes a lot::

The second one is from my postcard pal Amy, showing different areas of university in Gottingen, Germany. It looks cool!!!

And people, seriously, how do you store your postcards??? I’m in desperate need for some good tips. :)

today’s mail

What do we have here….

This is one of the cutest postcards I got lately, I just adore it! It came from Finland and I was really happy to type down a nice note to the sender while registering the card on PC.


Second official PC card today arrived from Spain. It shows… umm, La Coruna, according to what’s written on the back.


And I also got this lovely lovely Würzburg card from my dear blogging pal Miriam! THANK YOU!! :)