Savannah, Georgia

It’s been forever since I’ve exchanged any postcards with O’Neal, but yesterday – this was in my mailbox. Two awesome postcards from Savannah, Georgia! Such a wonderful surprise!

First postcard is showing Fort Pulaski. Here’s what the little caption on the back of the postcard says: “Construction of this mighty fort began in 1829 and was not completed until 1847. Scars left by the Civil War mark the ancient walls which exceed seven feet in thickness. The fort was declared a National Monument in 1924.” There’s more interesting facts about it on Wikipedia, link HERE!


The second postcard that arrived is showing Forsyth Park, also in Savannah, Georgia. “During azalea time, Savannah is transformed into a sea of color as thousands upon thousands of plants burst into full bloom. This scene shows the Forsyth Park Fountain which was modeled after the one in Place de la Concord, Paris, France.“, says the printed caption on the postcard. Read more HERE!
Looks like such a beautiful place!!

scan0001Thank you, O’Neal, so much for these wonderful postcards! They were a delight to find in my mailbox! :)))


Windsor, Canada

This is a beautiful postcard I’ve received through a trade with Willa from Postcrossing forum. It shows the Peace Fountain in Conventry Gardens on Windsor’s riverfront. It is the largest of its kind in North America, says Willa, and it symolizes the peaceful relationship between Canada and the US.  The skyline you see in the background? That’s Detroit, USA.

By the way, isn’t it cool to think that you can stand right there and… wave to someone in a different country? Hahaha, well, they should have a great eye sight, but still – the idea is funny!! :D ::nerd::