Poland, Slovakia & Croatia

Three postcards straight from my mailbox!

The first one is from my friend Thea, who sent me this nice green postcard from her area, Jastrebarsko, Croatia. Kind of a nice postcard, makes me think of sunny (and warm) days!

The second postcard comes from Slovakia, from a town called Bardejov. It was a swap with Ivana.  This postcard is showing Bardejov Town Conservation Reserve, one of Slovakia’s UNESCO sites. Bardejov is a small but exceptionally complete and well-preserved example of a fortified medieval town, which typifies the urbanisation in this region. Among other remarkable features, it also contains a small Jewish quarter around a fine 18th-century synagogue.

The third postcard comes from Poland, and is showing the main town hall in Gdańsk. Thank you Martyna, I really like thi spostcard! :)

I’m off to see if I have anything to post on my other blog now. It’s always somewhere in the back of my mind… but I so rarely do something there. :-/


They exist!!!!

A map card of Croatia! I always thought it’s just a myth, but they actually exist!!! I can rarely even see one, and I can only dream to actually find one in a shop – so when I saw what my friend brought me from her vacation down at the coast I was quite stunned! So it goes straight to my collection. <3

Varaždin, Croatia

Last weekend two of my friends and I decided to go on a short trip to a town called Varaždin, located in the northern Croatia. It has an interesting history… and loads of old buildings to look at. And, cheap ice cream. :) Here’s a link if you’re curious to read more about it -> CLICK ME <-

I bought some postcards there for my friend, but decided to keep these two for my collection. :) The first one is showing the old town from the air. We figured it must be a cool thing to roll down the steep embankment surrounding the castle when it’s covered with snow. [btw. is embankment even a proper word for it?? Google says it is. :-/ ]

The second postcard is showing three different pictures of the city. I love the colors in these pictures. :)

PS – My little fellow Steven had fun there too, HERE are some of his photos to peek at. :)

Croatia mix

Bunch of postcards that I got from my friends in the last two weeks. :)

Top left is a postcard from a place called Sv. Filip Jakov, a nice multiview postcard sent to me from my friend Nena.

Top right is a postcard showing a place called Zavratnica. It’s a 900 meter long narrow inlet located at the bottom of the Velebit mountain, in the northern part of the Adriatic sea. Regarded as one of the major tourist attractions of the northern coastal area because of its beauty, Zavratnica was designated a protected landscape in 1964. It resembles fjords, although it’s not one itself.

Bottom left is a postcard showing the island Unije. It is part of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, which is situated at the northern portion of the Adriatic Sea. Unije is the third largest island of the archipelago.

Bottom right is a a postcard of town Rab, where I went on my vacation. I really like that view. :)

Novi Vinodolski, Croatia

After a while, it’s time to update! :) I got home from my vacation and found a pile of postcards waiting for me on my pillow. Yay! :D

This one was sent to me from my friend Marcela who went on her vacation to a town called Novi Vinodolski, on the coast of Adriatic Sea here in Croatia.

I’ve never been there. Just passed by. Hmm….