St. Peteresburg, Russia (also, guess who’s back)

Once upon a time, there was a certain someone who keeps forgetting they should update their postcard blog. ::waves innocently::

Yes, I keep forgetting to update this. I know I have this blog and every time I receive a nice postcard I think to myself, “Hey, you should really put this on your postcard blog! You really really should!”, but then people call, things need to be done, life happens – and I never update this thing. I promise I will try to do better. :)
I took a bit of a break from Postcrossing a little while ago, simply because I was annoyed with how long it took for my postcards to arrive to where they were traveling to and people’s blank profiles started to bug me, and people in general were super-demanding and it was killing my enthusiasm for doing the whole Postcrossing thing. Please don’t get me wrong, 99% of people I ever got in touch with through Postcrossing are simply amazing and nice and friendly – I believe I just had a bit of a bad luck with the receivers. But that – combined with the financial situation at the moment – made me pause Postcrossing for a while. I’m back now, still not the most active member, but I’m enjoying sending postcards to people & receiving them back. :D

Anyway, rant over. Time to show a postcard! This time from Russia – Saint Petersburg, more precisely. If Google’s not lying, it’s The Palace Bridge over the Neva river. Read more HERE. :) Lovely colors of the sky, aren’t they!?


With that said, I’m off to make myself some coffee & to do some knitting (or sleeping, haha) because it’s Saturday and it’s raining. Like it should. I mean, it’s not like it’s springtime or like I planned to go buy a new bike today. (yes, I did.)



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