Oh, wow, this is so overdue I can’t even put it in sentence.

Yes, I am still alive and well. A year or so older and not really any wiser. Quite addicted to Instagram and ice cream. :D …….and I figured it’s about time to get back into this postcard blogging thing! The reasons for my long, long absence from this blog are many – major computer issues, school, writing my thesis, graduating, being unemployed (well, that one is not a valid reason considering the amount of free time I have, haha), sheer laziness… and many more. I didn’t stop Postcrossing or swapping postcards with friends & pen pals, I just somehow stopped scanning and uploading them. My bad. :(

With that said, I’m hoping to pick up where I’ve left off and get back into the blogging thing quickly. Also, I hope a few of you who actually checked this blog are well! :)

And ::drumroll please:: this was in my mail today. A postcard from Gardaland, which is a theme park/amusement park in Italy, with all sorts of cure and funny rides. I would love to go there sometime soon. :D

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