Niagara Falls, Canada

My postcard pal Beatrice sent me this lovely postcard of Niagara Falls! It’s always cool to see it! I wonder what it’s like in real life and if it got way comercialized. I wouldn’t be surprised considering its popularity and how many people come to see it every year. :-/ Still, it looks magnificent!

SlikaThank you, Beatrice! :)


3 thoughts on “Niagara Falls, Canada

    1. My pal Beatrice said it’s nicer on the Canadian side! I don’t know what’s the difference?! Can’t you see everything no matter what side you’re on? ::clueless::

  1. I really don’t know what the difference would be. I do know that on the US side, you can physically get very close to the water. Not sure if that’s possible on the Canadian side.


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