Milano, Italy

One more thing for today…

My friend Ana spent a week in Milano, Italy and brought these two postcards back for my collection. They are showing Il Duomo, or if you prefer in English – the cathedral.



And then there is this special little postcard!!


I’m a big fan of AC Milan since my teen years. Forza Milan, Rossoneri, all that. Even after Gattuso left the team. :) So this postcard made me really happy! I’m still surprised that it survived the trip back to Zagreb without “accidentally” getting torn into pieces or “accidentally” bursting in flames. :) (As you may guess, my friend is not a fan of that team, ha ha.)


4 thoughts on “Milano, Italy

  1. Wow! The cathedral is absolutely beautiful!

    At first, I thought you meant that the stadium card would probably have been messed up by some disgruntled, soccer-hating postal worker. But now, I realize that it was lucky that Ana, herself, did not destroy the card along the way. LOL

    1. Ha ha! I kind of think that even a soccer-hating postal workers have some professionalism NOT to “accidentally” destroy postcards they don’t agree with. Ana, on the other hand, is a whole different story. ;)


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