Badlands National Park

This postcard is – of course – from O’Neal. Who else would send such pretty postcards!?


The postcard is showing a view of Badlands National Park. It’s located in southwest South Dakota and preserves 242,756 acres (98,240 ha)[1] of sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles, and spires blended with the largest protected mixed grass prairie in the United States. Established as Badlands National Monument in 1939, the area was redesignated “National Park” in 1978. Over 11,000 years of human history pales to the eons old paleonthological resources. Badlands National park contains the world’s richest Oligocene epoch fossil beds, dating 23 to 35 million years old. The evolution of mammal species such as the horse, sheep, rhinoceros and pig can be studied in the Badlands formations.

Oh Wikipedia, where’d I be without you… :)

Thank you, O’Neal! It’s a beautiful postcards, as always!


3 thoughts on “Badlands National Park

  1. You’re very welcome! I’m glad that the card arrived in good shape. And thanks for your kind words. :)

    That was my first time to visit Badlands National Park, and it was awesome! Unbelievably windy, but there’s more unusual and beautiful scenery than you can imagine. I have never seen anything quite like it before.
    There is a nicely paved roadway that winds for many miles through the park, and also lots of constructed walking paths for closer viewing….along with lots of “Beware Rattlesnakes” signs!


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